All about our shipping policy


Standard Shipping:

This case usually applies for orders that are to be delivered in Greece and in some Western European countries.

Courier Shipping:

Most of our parcels are shipped through a courier service. Hence, the delivery-time estimates are based on the specific courier service (see section “Other Details” below). Obviously enough, by sending your stuff through the courier service is much faster than the standard shipping.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs are estimated based on the weight of the parcel(s).

Please Note: 
Since shipping costs are based usually on estimates, if you end up paying more than the actual shipping costs, it is our policy to contact you so as to return the difference back to you! 

The shipping process is simple and straight forward.

Once the product has been created, let us say an orgonite, and has been shipped we will contact you, letting you know:

a)that the product has been shipped

b)to give you the parcel’s tracking-number so as for you to be able to track the whereabouts of your package.

Other Details:

We usually ship Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Nevertheless, on some occasions we do also ship on Saturdays.

Orgonites are shipped explicitly with courier services (for obvious reasons). Which means that if you order an orgonite and, let us say, a bracelet; in this case two different parcels will be send to you.

Delivery dates-estimates: we will not lie to you here. We cannot give you exact delivery dates since parameters apply that are out of our hands. For instance, let us say that you are in China and you have ordered an orgonite. In this case, once the product has been created, we will send it to you via a courier service. Consequently, the delivery dates of that courier will be applicable.